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Teeth whitening and polishing
Teeth whitening and polishing
Teeth whitening and polishing
Teeth whitening and polishing
Teeth whitening and polishing
Teeth whitening and polishing

Teeth whitening and polishing

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Whiter teeth is an indication to others that you take care of yourself well and care about your appearance. It's about self-respect and self-cleanliness that distinguish you from others.

Witness the transformation by just spending one minute per day to make it happen! Start to experience and believe it yourself. A smile with bright, sparkly teeth is always hard to miss! 


  • Great savings. It's the easiest and least expensive way to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home. Forget about visiting your dentist for the whitening procedures that could burn a hole in your pocket.

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  • New teeth whitening breakthrough. This is a new invention of teeth whitening procedure adopting polishing cup spinning at 14000 rotation per min (RPM) for perfect grinding to get rid of stubborn stains such as coffee,  tea or tobacco of frequent smokers.

  • Durable polishing cups. The polishing cup is made of high-quality rubber material with high durability. Each polishing cup could last you 100 times of polishing. Not forget, it comes with 5 polishing cups with a total of 500 times polishing!

  • Cordless and convenient. The dental polisher uses 2 pieces of  "AA" size battery to operate. It makes the polishing hassle-free and needless to look for power plug and inconvenient of wires dangling around. 

  • Crystal clear LED lighting. The polisher itself is equipped with LED lighting to make your polishing work much easier and better visibility.

How to use: 
  • Squeeze a pea-size amount of toothpaste on the polishing rubber head.
  • Hold the polisher firmly and switch on the power switch.
  • Gently glide the polisher head over your teeth surface with stains. We will recommend that you stay in areas with stubborn stain longer time for better effect.
  • Rinse your teeth and the rubber head with sufficient water after use. Keep it dry for the next use.


  • For better teeth whitening effect, it is recommended to do the teeth polishing once a week. 


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