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Spider table stand
Spider table stand
Spider table stand
Spider table stand
Spider table stand
Spider table stand

Spider table stand

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Tablet stand is designed like a spider with legs can easily bend to create a stable stand with best height and width. It keeps tablets and smartphones securely mounted and immobile. You don’t need to hold your tablet or mobile phone for a long time.Also you can keep far away from the screen, which would protect your eyesight and prevent from arm pain and numbness.


  • Superb and DURABILITY - The tablet and telephone stand is made of premium quality materials. Great for watching films or read advanced books in bed or on lounge chair 
  • FULL HEIGHT and WIDTH ADJUSTABLE - The four Legs can be twisted voluntarily to make a steady remain with the best stature and width to meet your most extreme comfort. 
  • Movable CENTER and SILICONE BAND - The exceptional rotor configuration stand focus gives the best review point to you.You can alter the length of the yellow silicone band ( band length balanced: 5 - 20 cm ) to accommodate your cell phone or iPad,it is reasonable for various tallness of gadgets. And the silicone band keeps your tablet or mobile phone safely and keeps your tablet from falling. 
  • Numerous USAGE DESIGN - This freshest general plan stand perfect with most iPad and all iPhone series. Suitable for the greater part of tablets and mobile phones ( if case is used,the add up to thickness must be equivalent to or under 12mm ) 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE - This new thing is versatile and lightweight ( just around 490g/17.3oz ), legs are adaptable design,you can overlap them when you don't utilize it. The thing is particularly reasonable for utilizing in bed or on sofa,totally hands-free,very advantageous.