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Plant topiary balls
Plant topiary balls
Plant topiary balls
Plant topiary balls
Plant topiary balls
Plant topiary balls
Plant topiary balls

Plant topiary balls

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Fond of plant decoration but don’t have time for the maintenance? Looking for something to serve the purpose that doesn’t require maintenance?presents you with the most appropriate item👉 Artificial Plant Topiary Ball
★UV AND WATER RESISTANT / MAINTENANCE FREE-Topiary Balls can be used both indoors and outdoors to enhance the look of any space.

★Easy to Care-This Balls are all artificial plants so they don't require any water water, soil, fertilizers, do not need to be trimmed, are easy to maintain, and are not affected by natural weather. Let you feel nature anytime and save your time and water!

★Eco-friendly Material-The artificial plant ball is made from high-quality material by modern technology ,every stem is made of super-strong high density PVC and contains 3 layers,durability and UV protection. Look the same as the real but more long-lasting than it,perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor.

★Easy to Install-This Ball is very easy to install,just fasten the buckles and the connectors of the balls.We also provide installation guidelines that help to install the round topiary ball. 

If the Artificial Balls are squeezed, just put it in the air to recover its shape.

The Artificial Topiary Plant Ball are easy to care , they don't require any maintain, and are not affected by natural weather. durability and long-lasting ,perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Topiary Plant Ball are 2” tall High Density and 4 layers, and the leaves are clean

Our Artificial Balls has UV protection and will not fade due to outdoor use. It can still maintain vivid colors even in harsh environments.

Customer questions & answers

Question:How do you keep these from blowing away outdoors?
Answer:I think my husband put some type of "clip" that stuck down in the dirt. Mine was on a covered porch but the wind does whip through there but I didn't have any problems.
By Patrick Martin on September 1, 2020
Question:How can you keep these clean, free of dust and spider webs, when kept outside?
Answer:Dust is taken care of by rain water and/or spraying with water. Spider webs are not a problem for me.
By Shelly on August 28, 2020
Question:Can these staked directly into ground landscaping or only potted?
Answer:Yes they could be staked anywhere. 
By SOPHIE on August 26, 2020

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