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Hook Knife
Hook Knife
Hook Knife
Hook Knife
Hook Knife

Hook Knife

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  • A wood carving set: You will get a carving knife, carving knife, hook knife, leather trap + polishing compound + cut-proof gloves.

  • Wood carving tools are made of durable high carbon steel and wood with good sharpness, Sloyd knife is designed for wood carving, bleaching, and wood grinding; the detail knife is designed to cut delicate wood and really small details, keeping your woodwork to perfection.

  • The handle of wood carving knives is made of natural oiled birch wood, ergonomic design to hold comfortably and allow you to have a long time working without hand fatigue, it can cut triangles, squares, lines, waves, etc.

  • We have specially equipped with a piece of leather and a polishing compound in the tool kit. Apply the polishing compound to the rough side of the leather, and then rub the blade back and forth. This can prevent the blade from rusting, making it brighter and sharper.

  • The complete set of wood carving tools for all kinds of wood carving, from hard work to detailed carving, perfect gift for beginners and professional wood.

Product Specifications:

  • Materials: Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 6.6×6.7 inches, 6.2×6.3 inches

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